The reason I started JustAnime Times was so I could review anime’s that I have watched, and also do reviews on ones that I have yet to watch. My blog has come so far and it’s all thanks to everyone that is following me on this journey. You all help me to strive to make this blog even better than what it is now. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know if I ever say thank you too much, but I think it’s good to say it when you can.

So grab your friends or crew and come and join me on this journey as I write reviews on anime, and maybe some manga to boot. You know I have so much fun writing on this blog, and it’s in hopes that someone will read the blogs I write. Even if they happen to get stuck in a dusty old sock drawer, and never see the light of day. I hope that someone will find these old and ancient blog posts and read them.

Maybe they will even watch the anime’s that I have done reviews on, and hopefully make their lives a little better. If I didn’t have anime to make me laugh and cry I don’t know what I would do. The anime’s we choose to watch sometimes helps us to grow, and also experience the full range of human emotions. Some anime’s have even taught me life lessons. Goku (from Dragon Ball Z) taught me to never give up even if the enemy is ten times stronger than I am. Luffy (from One Piece) has taught me to live like a pirate and have fun and also to cherish my nakama.

Ash (from Pokemon) taught me that sometimes in life we have to grow up, and go on our own journey without our parents. Ichigo (from Bleach) taught me that even if we have inner demons in ourselves. That we must rise to the occasion to defeat and stop them from winning. Natsu (from Fairy Tail) taught me that if someone has hurt or foul-mouthed my friends (or family) I need to stand up to them and tell them that it is not okay to do that.

That is what I have learned from watching anime, and I am still learning more lessons as I am always watching anime. In some ways I want people to know that I did live and exist in this world. Even if I can change the world in only a small way then I still will be happy. Where I am in life right now at this very moment I am happy. I may have some regrets, but I am going to live with them and learn from them. Thank you for reading my blog posts, and for reading this. I know it’s not much, and probably not a lot of people will read it. At least it exists.