My Top 5 Favorite Horror Animes

Well it’s Halloween and I couldn’t of planned this any better. So in this blog post I will feature my top favorite Horror animes that I like and love.


Death Note

I think I either watched this, because of my ex or I finally sat down and watched it. Maybe, because it was on Netflix. Hmmm I’m not sure lol. Well I really liked this anime, because it involves shinigami. Now you know I am sucker for Bleach so this was a good fit for me. Alright this anime was a little dark and a lot of people were dead by the time this anime was over. Most of the people dead were convicts and a few police. I need coffee be right back. Okay I now have my coffee and I should be able to think a little better now. Let’s get back to this review. I really liked Death Note not, because of all the killing. The reason I liked it was, because it was full of suspense as they were trying to find the killer. Which he was right under their noses the whole time in the end he gets caught. After that I don’t know what happened to our main character, because I can’t remember. I don’t know if you all know this, but the song called “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift. It’s actually about Death Note. Now isn’t that cool that an anime got a song? I hope that you will watch this anime, because I give it a high recommendation. Especially since its in my top favorite horror animes. Now don’t go making a Death Note, because you can get in trouble for that.


Tokyo Ghoul

Okay so I am sure that you saw this one coming. If you don’t know I am a huge Tokyo Ghoul fan. As of now I am actually reading Tokyo Ghoul re: which it’s so good! I am very excited for season three. Probably as much as my best friend is also looking forward to it. This anime would be a good one to watch on Halloween. Hey I might even watch it lol even though I have already watched it a few times. Although I already have some horror movies that I am planning on watching. So we will have to see. Anyways go and watch this anime tonight, because it’s Halloween. So yes this anime gets a high recommendation from me. After all its a ghoul eats human world. Or worst case ghoul eats ghoul. So be careful tonight on Halloween make sure not to get eaten by a ghoul. If you do get eaten then you won’t be able to watch anime anymore. So stay safe out there guys and Happy Halloween.

60cb104e3e394e9dc3da014768afcac4Vampire Knight

I know this isn’t exactly horror. Apparently this was a manga and it was a shojo. No wonder I liked it so much lol. Although it is supernatural and involves vampires. So this goes good with this blog post. The anime aired on April 7th, 2008 and ended on June 30th, 2008. Then Vampire Knight Guilty aired on October 6th, 2008. Hey what a coincidence lol. Then it ended on December 29th, 2008. Almost a day or two before my dad’s bday. Well then I must be meant to watch the second season. Okay so I did not know there was a second season so I will be watching that soon. So I hope that you will be looking for those reviews. I actually watched this anime when it was still on Netflix. I really liked it, but the thought of a second season never crossed my mind until now (Edit: I have actually seen the second season without realizing it. So I thought I should mention that, and also it’s still on Netflix. Have fun guys and girls.). When I learned that there was a second season I got excited. So this anime gets a high recommendation from yours truly. You might want to make sure you don’t get bit by a vampire tonight. Or you might just become a real vampire. I am just saying and only trying to be helpful. Okay I am sorry if this one seems a little short I just can’t remember a whole lot about this anime. Obliviously it’s been awhile since I seen it. So forgive me.

banner_3219Tokyo Ghoul: Jack

Tokyo Ghoul: Jack. Okay so this a OVA so it is a special and side story of Tokyo Ghoul. This special episode covers Arima and his background. So we learn more about him and I know some of you probably don’t like him. Anyways this special was actually quite good and I learned more. At least more on some of our main characters that play a huge role in Tokyo Ghoul. Originally I was going to do Tokyo Ghoul Root A but I am disappointed with the second season. I am not going to cover it, because it did not follow the manga. So I am sorry if you are still looking for a review from me on that anime. I actually read the manga and the second season was to far fetched from the manga. Most likely it was based on what if’s and yes it was a little cool, but most of those things never happened in the manga. So if you have watched all the Tokyo Ghoul episodes then you can give this a try. Although I don’t think it really matters if you watched this first. This anime special gets a high recommendation from me.


Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto

This is also a OVA and it’s based on how Shuu Tsukiyama met Chie Hori. It was a rather special episode. Honestly it was rather weird to see Tsukiyama so young, and not obsessed with Kaneki. I have rather grown fond of Tsukiyama. He’s weird and probably crazy as a fruit cake. That’s what I think makes him so unique and different from all the other characters. In how he met Chie in this OVA was weird, but that’s probably how they met in the manga. Or something similar to it and maybe less censorship. Well this was another anime/special to add to my ever growing list. This anime was so good and definetly worth the watch. It gets a high recommendation from me. I also really liked it and it was nice to get to know Tsukiyama a little more. Also it was cool to meet a new character who happens to be close to him. In a weird way.

Well there you have it my top 5 favorite horror anime. Okay maybe one wasn’t horror, but it still fits for Halloween and it is supernatural. I hope all of you have a fun and exciting night tonight. After all it is Halloween so go out and do something. Not anything to crazy or stupid if you value your life. Alright be safe and I will leave things here. Until my next blog post stay safe, and keep reading manga and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


Honey and Clover (Review #4)

Episode 4: Well time for another ep and it seems like we might have a love triangle. Very interesting I am curious to see where this ep will go. I wonder if our main character will end up falling in love with our girl main character? Or will she choose someone else? Aww this episode was so cute! Apparently this was a Christmas/holiday themed episode. Lol now I am looking forward to Christmas haha. Halloween isn’t even here yet and nor Thanksgiving well I am eager for a certain holiday. Alright well this blog is done now onto the next ep, but that will wait till tomorrow. Until my next blog keep reading manga, and watching anime. Also don’t wish for Christmas too soon and don’t open all you presents on Christmas eve. Stay cool guys and gals.

Honey and Clover (Review #3)

Episode 3: Alright another episode here we go. I wonder what’s going to happen in this episode today? I am curious so let’s find out. I think our main character has broken. Yet I am dying with laughter, because it’s funny. Another thing that was funny was that our other main character, who is a girl. Well her father like guardian thought stuff was going down. Then he saw our character laying on the floor broken. Well that was interesting lol. Well I am now done with this episode and I will do the next on in my next blog. Until then keep reading manga, and watching anime. Don’t go breaking a girl/guy’s heart, because it hurts so try and love them with all your heart. While you still can before they are gone. Stay cool guys and gals.

Honey and Clover (Review #2)

Episode 2: Well I am going to jump into this episode, and once again I am hungry. This time I will be sure to skip the opening so it doesn’t scare the crap out of me again. Okay I am really starting to like this anime even more. The main focus is art. Now I really love art so this anime is right up my alley and I think this will be a good anime. I also like how are main character who is a guy has fallen in love with an art genius in the first episode. It’s rather adorable to be honest. Well I am going to get back to this anime. Omg this anime is so cute! Well that’s it for this episode and now I will do the next episode in the next blog. Until then keep reading manga, and watching anime. Don’t forget to eat or you will be paying the consequences. From someone who is hungry right now. Stay cool guys and gals.

Honey and Clover (Review #1)

This anime is from 2005 so it is an old anime, but as I always say even if it’s old give it a try. You might end up liking it.

Episode 1: Okay so the opening theme is interesting and is definitely different from any other anime that I have seen. Honestly the opening scares me. The food has come to life. No joke. I don’t know what to say. I am totally speechless……… Omg there was a bowl and then all of a sudden the food came to life. I think it wanted my soul. Then I jumped, because it scared me. Well now that I have had a jumpscare I am probably going to be jumpy for the rest of the night. Great just great. What I wanted. Now we’re getting to the anime hopefully nothing else will jump out. I don’t think my heart could take it. Oh my gosh I do not think I can watch this anime. I am so sorry. I feel like crying and I don’t know why. This anime is going to seriously bother me. It’s so slow. Well I will give it a chance I will be optimistic here. Okay it has me laughing maybe it might be good after all. Hmm well I am going to watch more of it and let’s see where things go. Alright I am now dying with laughter haha, and that’s a good thing for an anime to get a high recommendation from yours truly. Comedy is good let’s see what else this anime has to offer me. So far I think it’s good. Yes it took me a bit to warm up to this anime. If we never gave some animes a chance then they would probably never get watched like they should. Okay I admit I probably have a knack for finding weird anime. But I like changing things up every once in a while. I like to be different and do animes that probably no one has yet to cover. Well that’s the end of that episode and now I will do some more tomorrow. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Also be careful not to run into a sign post. Stay cool guys and gals.

Fruits Basket (Review)

I know that this anime is super old, but this was one of the first animes that I actually watched. Other than Bleach. Actually. Yu-Gi=Oh, Pokémon, One Piece and Beyblade were my first animes. Bleach was just my first adult anime so you could say I graduated lol. I watched Fruits Basket when I was just entering the anime world. That I now know and love. Also this was one of the very first manga’s that I had read. Other than a little One Piece. Which back in that time volume 14 had just been released. Yes I know I am old. Please don’t make me feel any older TT^TT.

Anyways talking about OP is for another blog post. So this anime first aired in 2001. Now the anime ended, but the manga didn’t so yes I did read the manga. So I know what happens lol. I can’t remember exactly why the anime ended so soon. I think it might of had something to do with money. It’s still a good anime and I think that it might be a classic now? I am not sure how to tell if an anime has become a classic or not. I really enjoyed this anime and it was good. I found all the characters and their animal forms just adorable. What they have animal forms? Yes they do. After all it is based on the Chinese Zodiac. Which I found this concept rather cool and interesting.

Also recently the author of the manga started writing a sequel. Which I have been reading but haven’t gotten caught up yet. The chapters were slow on coming out so I stopped and forgot about it lol. This tends to also happen with anime. I’m sorry but I like watching anime in one go. There have been a few that I kept up with and waited for the eps to be released, but that’s rare. Anyways I am calling this blog good. If you want spoilers then look them up. So until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Don’t forget to cuddle your pet if you get lonely. Stay cool guys and gals.




Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (Review #10)(Final)

Now that I’ve gotten my water let’s jump into the last episode of this anime. Had to get a little food also and now let’s get started.

Start episode 26. Might as well watch the opening since it’s my last episode for this series. Our prince has returned to the palace. Everything is almost back to normal. I wonder what became of our warrior? Well that’s it the end. I am having mix feelings about this. It feels as though its supposed to continue and not end there. Hmmm I am going to look into this maybe there is a second season or it continues in manga. I will get answers lol

Alright watching this anime has been a journey and a adventure that I have come to enjoy. I highly recommend this anime even if it’s old. It’s worth watching it I can guarantee that. This anime was like Naruto met Studio Ghibi, but it was still good. I really did enjoy it and now that I have finished this. I need to find a new anime to watch, but I will have no problem with that. After all I got a huge and very long list of animes to go through. Well there you have it I am done with this series so this is my last review, well for this series anyways. I want to thank you all for joining me on this adventure. I hope by reading these reviews of this anime will make you want to give it a try. At least I hope you will, but in the end I give it a high recommendation.

I guess this was a book and it was published in 1996 almost 5 months after I was born. Very interesting and in some ways it also reminds of The Never Ending Story. Which I might add was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Well this blog post is done and completed. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Don’t forget to read those books, because they can take you on a journey. Literally. Stay cool guys and gals.