Tokyo Ghoul (Review)

Alright I thought I should cover this anime. Simply, because I liked it a lot. Not because of all the blood and gore but because I liked the plot and story of it. I read recently that there will be a third season, and this season will not stray from the manga. Also it said that it might be released earlier than expected so get ready. Tokyo Ghoul fans be ready because I am sure you will all get excited for this. There is also a rumor going around that they might also do a remake of season two, but that’s for another post. Now when it came out I was a senior in high school. I saw it and was like what the heck? At first sight it gave me shudders. Later I would end up breaking down and watching it, but then dropped it. Tokyo Ghoul was then showed at our anime club during lunch. Yes my high school had an anime club and it was revived again. There was one when I was a sophomore I believe? But I never had the time to attend, and eventually it was shut down. So I watched the 2nd episode on accident and to make that right I watched the first episode. This anime blew me away and it sucked me in. I entered a world where ghouls ate humans in order to survive. Then there were people hunting us and killing my kind. I’m very excited to see the third season to Tokyo Ghoul. Yes I am a huge fan of this anime so I can’t wait to see the third season lol. So this anime will become hot again when the third season comes out. I just have this feeling. Hopefully you will give it a try, and you can watch it either subbed or dubbed. Give it a try it might just blow your mind. I will leave things here, until my next blog post keep watching anime and stay cool.

Fun Fact: As of June 2016 there were over 18 million copies of Tokyo Ghoul in circulation. In June 2016 it was also announced that there will be a live action film based on the manga. It is set to open the summer of 2017.


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