Bleach (Manga) (Ending of An Era)

This post may contain spoilers and if you do not like spoilers then leave.


Okay let’s get down to business. I heard recently that Bleach has officially ended. Maybe I saw this coming, because Naruto ended. The only one remaining of the big three is One Piece, as we can see that anime/manga is not going anywhere. At least not anytime soon. So from what I heard is that Weekly Shonen Jump sort of threw, Kubo- sensei under the bus. Bleach has been running for an incredible 15 years! Holy moly it started being published when I was pretty young. O.O now I feel old. Lovely. Anyways I started watching the anime when I was just a freshman in high school. Then I started to read the manga. but only because the dubbed episodes couldn’t come out any more faster. It’s sad that I was just to lazy to watch the subbed version. Sorry I actually like to watch the animation, and to see what’s going on rather being focused on words. Just saying that’s all. The anime ended at 366 episodes. Wow, but I think Naruto has more. Heck Naruto Shippuden is still on going at least the dubbing is. Not sure about the subbed episodes though. Going to have to look into that.


As the title said End of An Era. I am sad to see Bleach end, because I have invested almost 6 years into this anime/manga. It’s always going to have a soft place in my heart, always no matter what. Hopefully I can pass it down to my grandchildren someday, but only when they are of age. I admit I haven’t exactly stayed caught up the manga, but I was busy. It couldn’t be helped that I didn’t have the time to read the manga. The anime had ended my senior year, I believe. It’s rather hard to see a manga end when you have invested so much time into it. Although reading the comments that other authors had said to him made me happy. In a weird way I got closure when I read those comments. So until my next blog post, keep watching anime, and read manga. Stay cool guys and gals.



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