Magi Chapter 323 (SPOILERS)

WARNING: Do not read if you do not want spoilers for Magi Chapter 323 (Manga)


Sinbad and The 8 Generals of Sindria





Sinbad in all his glory. Literally.

Alright, I wanted to talk about this chapter. One of my favorite characters that I have come to know and love has died. I know I have said I do not like spoilers, but I was really curious and I really like this series. Not just because of the one character, but if I had never watched the anime that featured this character I don’t know if I would have watched the other seasons. So if you are wondering who died, it was Sinbad. I want to cry and scream. I am very aware of the fact that he is fictional. When I watched the season dedicated to him I became invested in him. So seeing him die was not okay and his death seemed too easy tbh. I do have my suspicions concerning his death. Also, I know a lot of you Sinbad fans have quit being fans, because of who he has become recently. Obviously, I still have faith in him that he is good. Granted with all the crap that is happening, I wouldn’t blame you for not being fans anymore. The question I am going to leave you all with is, What huge thing happened to Sinbad? Enough for him to fall into depravity? I am looking for answers and maybe I will get them along with closure.



I don’t even know what to say about this one……

Or maybe I am trying to talk myself out of believing that he is dead. Here’s to hoping he’ll come back but we know that is a long shot. I am sorry to see him die and leave Magi, and it really pulls at my heartstrings. This kills. Well, I am going to leave things here until my next blog post keep watching anime, and reading manga. Don’t forget to stay cool guys and gals.


P.S. My prediction is that Sinbad will come back from this. Maybe not exactly as the same as he once was. Now I could be wrong, but I just have this feeling. Alright, I am done for the night so stay cool, and keep watching anime also don’t forget to read manga.




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