No. 6 (Review)

Yes this is an actual anime.


See? Alright so this anime was bit weird but I really enjoyed. Well I enjoy almost every anime. I have a pretty open mind and I don’t always stick in one genre. Although Mecha is my fave and go to but that’s me. So this anime is about a boy named, Shion. Who ends up helping this kid who is an escapee. His name is Rat (his name is different in the sub. Rat is just easier for me to remember) and Shion aids him. Later Shion and his mom get into trouble, because he helped Rat, and they get downgraded so to speak. A few years past and Rat shows back up in his life and aids him in escaping No. 6, because he’s the one in trouble now. Shion then see a whole other world. Then he almost dies but thanks to Rat he lives. So basically this anime is futuristic in a sense and is also Supernatural. Did I mention there were bugs? If you want to know what kind you’ll have to watch it. I highly recommend it, cause it was that good. Plus I got my cousins and best friend to like it and we we’re almost all crying at the end of this anime. So go watch it now. You can find it on kissanime (this is my go to site but I’m sure you can find it on other sites). This anime is both subbed and dubbed. You can watch it either way.

This anime was based on a novel and later it was turned into a manga and then an anime. No. 6 was released in July 2011. My best friend got me on tumblr and I saw gifs of this and wanted to watch it. So I put it on my list and forgot about it and then when I was trying to find something new and good. I saw this on my list and then I watched it. Then one weekend my cousins and my best friend were over at my house. I really wanted my best friend to watch it, because I just had a feeling. Boy did my best friend love it and trust me when I say this. It’s so hard for them to find anime, because they are picky. There is nothing wrong with being picky it’s just more harder to find things you like. But I still love them and so I am always trying to find new anime that they will like. I feel like I got a good idea of what they like and don’t like. Anyways I hope you will give this anime a try. If my best friend who is picky gave it a shot then so should you. Until my next post keep watching anime and stay cool. Also stay away from bugs unless you want to get bitten and end up like Shion who almost died, but was saved by Rat.

P.S I am sorry if this seems short I don’t like giving a lot of details and spoilers just in case someone or you might watch it. I am the same way with my best friend. They to watch anime and quite a few we have seen together and  I always try and avoid spoilers if I can. But sometimes I figure it out on my own, cause I am probably to smart for my own good. Other times I am surprised when the plot take a turn and I like the element of surprise. But hey that is just me and if you want spoilers then you can go and look for those spoilers on your own. If you are that curious.


2 thoughts on “No. 6 (Review)

  1. I really enjoyed No. 6. Ilike how the relationship between Shion and Mizumi develops and how we learn about their world. The ending is a bit strange but otherwise it’s a really entertaining story (if a bit slow at times).

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    1. It was really good and my friend reminded me of a certain scene where we all gasped at the same time. They also read the novels and said that they were really good. The novels also explain a little more on what happened at the end.

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