Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma (Review)

I thought I would do a feature on this anime, because the second season was just released. Since I am on tumblr I’ve been seeing a lot of gifs of this anime. I watched the first episode and then I was hooked. I literally sat and binged watched this anime, because it was that good. I have yet to watch the second season. Watching this anime always made me hungry lol. The food looked so good and I just wanted to grab it and eat it. This anime first aired on April 3rd, 2015 and then ended on September 25th, 2015. There was also an OVA and I don’t think I have watched it yet.


I really liked this anime, because you could feel the tension. I was always rooting for Sōma Yukihira. He is our main character and who you’ll follow through his journey. Sōma’s father, Junichiro Yukihira enrolled him in an elite cooking school. Where only few actually make it to graduation. Just as he graduated middle school his dad enrolled him. Then his dad got a job that required him to travel the world. Now Sōma is left to survive in this school and make it to graduation day. This anime makes cooking look so easy and effortless. Which we know it’s not but I actually like cooking. I find it rather fun especially baking lol. When you accidentally put the mixer on to high and flour poofs up in your face. Good times, good times. Anyways I hope that you will give this anime a try, you never know you might just like it. I am going to leave this blog post here. Until next time keep watching anime and stay cool.


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