Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny (Review)

Remember how I mentioned this in my last blog post when I talked about Mobile Suit Gundam SEED? Well look what anime gets a feature. It’s sequel. Funny thing is that I actually have some of the manga adaption of this anime sitting on my shelf. The plot for this anime is set two years after SEED. It still features Kira and all the other main characters. Except a few though. So if you watched it then yes it has all your faves so don’t worry. In the sequel they feature a new character and his name is, Shinn Asuka. Which side is he on? Well you aren’t going to like this but he’s with ZAFT! I was like he’s the enemy. He must go but then Kira and the gang show up, but later in the show. Along with a new main character there is also a few other new faces. Also a few characters return back to the frontlines. Am I giving a spoiler? No just a simple fact and if you watch both SEED and the sequel then you will know what I mean. You know me I don’t give out spoilers remember? If you want those you have to look them up on your own. I am aware that this anime is also old, but if you think of it as a classic then I’m sure you will enjoy it. So I am going to leave things here, because I feel I have covered this anime well enough. I really hope some of you will give it a try even if it’s old. This anime is dubbed or subbed so you can watch it either way. So this anime gets a high recommendation from me. Give it a chance and try. If you don’t like it well then that’s okay and I hope I can help you find an anime that you enjoy. Until my next blog post, keep watching anime and stay cool.



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