UQ Holder! 

Okay so I wanted to make a blog post about this. You may be asking what is this? Well it’s a manga and I found it a year or 2 years ago. Maybe 2? Anyways I am beyond excited to see this manga get an anime finally. I actually have the first manga volume sitting on my shelf. I sorta found it by accident. I was at my local book store and saw it sitting on a shelf. It got my attention and it looked really interesting. The story is pretty good and it’s very different from all the manga’s I’ve read. Okay there is not a lot of manga I have read. It’s only cause I don’t have the funds. Yes I know there is such a thing called a library. If there was one that I really liked then I wouldn’t be the owner. Trust me there is nothing like owning a brand new book. Second hand books are just as good lol. I’m the same way with books. If one really grabs my attention or it’s a part of this series that I’m reading. Then I will buy it, but that doesn’t happen often lol. Or does it? Anyways I will update you when this anime is set to be released. Then I will do a review on it. I’m really looking forward to this anime. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Don’t read to much lol. Stay cool guys and girls.


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