Real Drive (Review)

As I am sitting here with a cup of coffee and just relaxing and reading about new anime. I think back to an article I read about lost anime. Well this is one anime that has been lost. When I first watched it I was skeptical, but I was willing to give it a chance. I am so glad that I gave it a chance, because it was really good. I admit the story is a bit weird, but it’s good. You want the plot? Okay here is the plot.

Set in A.D. 2061, a new, more secure information network called the Material Network (or “Metal”) has taken over human society. However, aberrations begin to crop up as individuals chafe against the rigid system, and so-called “cyber divers” are dispatched to investigate these incidents.

Some part of me really liked this anime. I guess in some ways it was like SAO and Accel World, but more small time. So it did get pushed aside. Now there weren’t a lot of views for this anime, because no one hardly knows about it. Granted there are some animes that should be lost and forgotten. Especially if they are disturbing to the point you want to puke. Although that is not the case for this anime, and the one I was talking about is a completely different anime. I promise that this won’t disturb you and the one I was talking about was released in the 90’s or 80’s I think? This anime was released in 2008 but it’s still a good anime to give a try. Honestly it’s sad to see some really good animes like this get pushed aside. Nothing against new animes, because I really like a lot of the new animes. If you watch this anime I hope you also think it’s good. Oh well if not at least I tried to help. Alright until my next blog post, stay cool and keep watching anime. Also don’t forget to read manga. You might want to stay away from virtual realities. Just saying.


2 thoughts on “Real Drive (Review)

    1. I actually watched it on kissanime. I read an article on AnimeNewsNetwork and hard of this anime and it really got me interested. I found kissanime from a friend of mine who watches a lot of anime just like me lol. That’s where I look for anime. Your welcome ^^ glad I could be of help.
      Edit: I meant heard not hard sorry and the site is I believe and that’s the legit site. There is another one if you happen to search for kissanime on google. It’s not the one with .me at the end. That is just a copy cat site trying to be kissanime.

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