Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (Review #1) 

So I found this on Netflix. Bored of movies and YouTube. Can’t forget TV shows also. Sorry, but there are times of when you have had enough of something. For this being released in 2007 it’s pretty good. This warrior comes into this town, and saves a prince. If they hadn’t stepped in he would be dead right about now. I am only on episode 2 and I’m already starting to like it. Also another thing I like. Is that it’s almost in the art style of Studio Ghibi but newer. The man who has silver pink hair seems like a good guy, but I have my concerns. It almost seems like Lord of The Rings in some ways. Alright now they have unleashed the Hunters. Our prince meets some commeners. Now the Hunters are asking questions, things are about to go down. Things have gone down and crap has hit the fan. Hope our prince survives and continues his journey with the warrior.

I am going to leave things here for tonight. So night/morning to you all and keep watching anime, and reading manga. Stay cool guys and gals


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