Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (Review #3)

There is a huge and new development. So the Hunter’s had caught on to the trail of the prince and the warrior. Then the Hunter’s watched as a wolf attacked them. Supposedly killing them, but are they really dead? Something tells me that they are alive. Simply, because there death seemed to easy. So they are still alive. All along I was rooting for them and I am glad to see that they survived. Our characters have found a home, but how long will this peace last for them? Omigosh I have the feels when seeing the prince cry. Uh oh seems like the star reader is starting to catch on to. That’s not good. Our warrior is going to get her spear fixed. Something is going to happen. Just a little sneaky suspicion. Uh oh if something goes wrong our characters could get caught. Now we are hearing more about the warrior who raised our current character. So a little back story things are getting interesting. Well our characters have escaped once again. Now I will be doing episode 8 in my next blog post so be sure to read it. Until then keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and gals.


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