Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (Review #7)

I can go for a cup of coffee or something to eat. I’m really hungry all of sudden. Glad I am not watching Shokugeki that would probably only make things worse. Then I would of been even more hungrier. I just settled for eating sunflower seeds. It’s better than nothing I guess. Okay now to jump into this anime.

Start episode 17. Feels like something is about to happen. I don’t like this. Uh oh our prince has been spotted by the young star reader. Oh our poor prince I hate to see him suffer like this. Well that’s bad and the state the prince is in is not good either.

Start episode 18. Well great our prince’s death is proclaimed by a storyteller. Apparently they got lost. The Hunters and the star reader are catching on to their trail. Now we hear more about what is inside of our prince. Upon hearing that he might die our prince faints.

Start episode 19. Seems like a bird is now playing an important part in our story. The Hunters are hot on their tails and they will be catching up soon. Will our prince strike our warrior down? Well then. The magic weaver has spoken. Well that’s my last episode for tonight. If you are searching for more answers then watch the anime. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Don’t go shouting to loud or you will make a scene. Stay cool guys and gals.


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