Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit (Review #8)

Well while I am relaxing and eating sunflowers seeds now that I have started earing them. I have become hooked again. Let’s get this anime party started. Although it’s only a party of one person. Starts anime and was used to the quietness, and then hears one of the characters shouting. Then proceeds to jump when he starts shouting for the warrior to come out. I am so jumpy tonight >.< . Maybe it was all those horror movie trailers I watched. Also not to mention my best friend told me that there was a clown sighting in the town just over the bridge from where I live. I feel like one could just pop up outside my window. Totally freaked not going to lie. Also I had four cups of coffee so this is probably going to be a long night. Hoping this anime will comfort me.

Start episode 20. Our prince and warrior have returned back to the village safely. While the star reader has left to go back to the palace to comb through some archives. He wants to see if he can save the prince from his fate. Will he live or die? Now we hear more about the man who raised our warrior.

Start episode 21. We hear more of the warriors back story, including her childhood and real father. So we got a lot of info about the warriors foster father. I am interested to see where this will go, and what other mystery’s will be solved. Also I do have a few questions that need answering. Hopefully I will get them in the next episode.

Start episode 22. Things are starting to get interesting. The magic weaver is leaving their company for a short time. This is so cute to see warrior, prince and childhood friend living together. The three of them it’s so cute. Okay well that was the last episode well for now. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and keep watching anime. I hope when winter comes all of you will enjoy the fresh snow. Stay cool guys and gals.


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