Beyblade G Revolution (Review)


Okay who remembers Beyblade? Well I can. Simply, because this was my childhood. I used to Beyblade with my brother. How more can a girl be a tomboy? Especially since she beybladed as kid. I was a very interesting and weird child when I was growing up. When we got a chance to watch cartoons I was always excited to see this. Of course now I know it’s anime and not cartoons. I’m glad that I got to grow up watching this show. The shows that are on CartoonNetwork now are ridiculous. Sorry if I have offended some of you. It’s just some of these cartoons have suggestive themes in them. Don’t get me wrong I know anime also has it’s themes, but it’s made more for adults. Anyways I’m not here to discuss cartoons on CartoonNetwork. I am here to talk about Beyblade G Revolution. I have to say this is my favorite season and yes I like the others to. I just have to say I like the way Kai looks in this season. Okay I’m a huge Kai fan and I also like Rei. Now you know who my crushes are jk jk. Man this show brings back a lot of memories for me. Well I am getting very tired so I am going to call it a night. I need some sleep and I think the coffee I had is wearing off. So night, and until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Don’t Beyblade to much. Stay cool guys and gals.


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