Fruits Basket (Review)

I know that this anime is super old, but this was one of the first animes that I actually watched. Other than Bleach. Actually. Yu-Gi=Oh, Pokémon, One Piece and Beyblade were my first animes. Bleach was just my first adult anime so you could say I graduated lol. I watched Fruits Basket when I was just entering the anime world. That I now know and love. Also this was one of the very first manga’s that I had read. Other than a little One Piece. Which back in that time volume 14 had just been released. Yes I know I am old. Please don’t make me feel any older TT^TT.

Anyways talking about OP is for another blog post. So this anime first aired in 2001. Now the anime ended, but the manga didn’t so yes I did read the manga. So I know what happens lol. I can’t remember exactly why the anime ended so soon. I think it might of had something to do with money. It’s still a good anime and I think that it might be a classic now? I am not sure how to tell if an anime has become a classic or not. I really enjoyed this anime and it was good. I found all the characters and their animal forms just adorable. What they have animal forms? Yes they do. After all it is based on the Chinese Zodiac. Which I found this concept rather cool and interesting.

Also recently the author of the manga started writing a sequel. Which I have been reading but haven’t gotten caught up yet. The chapters were slow on coming out so I stopped and forgot about it lol. This tends to also happen with anime. I’m sorry but I like watching anime in one go. There have been a few that I kept up with and waited for the eps to be released, but that’s rare. Anyways I am calling this blog good. If you want spoilers then look them up. So until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Don’t forget to cuddle your pet if you get lonely. Stay cool guys and gals.





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