“Lost” Anime

You know how you find lost anime? Maybe it’s from the 90’s or later and or it’s from the 2000’s? Well I found one of those animes. I will not release the name, because it was that disturbing. I do not want to wish that upon anyone unless you are into late 90’s or later animes and want the name of it. Then maybe, but I literally almost puked and that sums up to how bad it was. You ask how can I stand Tokyo Ghoul? Well this anime was way worse than Tokyo Ghoul. Tokyo Ghoul didn’t have what this anime had in it. Just thinking about it again wants to make me puke. Please do not try and find this anime. I am sure that you will regret it the instant you watch it. Once you watch it you won’t be able to unwatch it. At that point it will permanently be burned and carved into your brain. Well I am going to leave things here. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Try not to watch any disturbing anime if you can. Stay cool guys and girls.


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