Honey and Clover (Review #5)

Episode 5: Well let’s get into this episode. So we are learning a little more about our main character. Omg it’s so sad and I am going to cry. *sobs silently* well our gang went on a trip. They all ended up at a hot springs and then one of main characters might have gotten a job. Since he will be graduating soon. I wonder what will happen then. Hmm I am curious to see where things are going to go. I wonder if all the problems that have popped up, and will they get solved and fixed? Very interesting and I am really liking this anime. I am happy that I gave it a chance. Well this blog for this episode is done for now and I will be doing the next episode in my next blog. Until then keep reading manga, and watching anime. Also it would be a good idea to not drink too much. Well stay cool guys and gals.


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