Honey and Clover II (Review)

As I am sad to see how this anime ended and unfolded. There is one thing that I will never forget. Yes it’s an emotional rollercoaster, and it will take you on all the crazy twists that it has in store. Yet as I read an article about this same anime it made me realize something. That art is beautiful and when we get the chance to see it we should admire it. Also sometimes we as people. We need to take a journey to find ourselves.

When you enter high school they expect you to start planning for when you’re out. Most times we find ourselves at a crossroads. Undecided. Not knowing where we are going to be in the next 4 years, and that’s if we make it to graduation. Sometimes things happen unexpectedly for certain reasons.

I often catch myself thinking that me and my ex did what we did for reasons unknown. Maybe we loved each other or maybe we didn’t. If you don’t take a chance and remain afraid for the rest of your life. You will regret it. In this anime it took our main character to jump on a bike and take a journey. He to was a afraid, but he did it anyways.

Just like our main character realized of the things he was leaving behind, I realized of the many things that I have yet to do. I didn’t know what career I wanted to pursue till last year, and it was almost the same thing for our main character. If I hadn’t taken those trips that changed my life. Where would I be? Would I be writing this blog post? Our main character had almost the same questions as I did, but in different words. Almost all animes have a story and a meaning.

Sometimes that meaning is obvious, but others you don’t realize until the anime is over. I give this anime a high recommendation. Especially if you want an anime that has a little soul searching in it. I know some of you probably won’t read this, but this anime really inspired me. Anyways until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Don’t cry to much if you watch this anime. Stay cool guys and girls.






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