Linebarrels of Iron (Review)

This anime was very interesting, but it was hard to watch the main character prance on his own grave. Wait, What!? You ask well our main character dies in the first episode. No joke, but in the end things get interesting. Now normally main characters don’t die. Well in this anime he does die. He is only resurrected and came to be Linebarrels Factor. Now what did you say? Our hero lives in a world where there are Mecha’s and there are special ones. They are called Machina.

Pilots are called Factors and are given special powers. Each Machina is different from the other. In the end our hero and main character has to save the world. Along the way he loses his best friend and he thinks that he killed his best friend. I hope I didn’t lose you. Anyways only certain people can pilot a Machina and become a Factor. In the episode where he dies. Well there is a girl inside Linebarrel who doesn’t remember who she is. She ends up falling out somehow and well *spoiler*.

So along the way she gains all her memories back, and then some. Also our hero ends up falling in love with her. Of course they live happily ever after, because he saves the world. Although it was a very long journey from where our hero originally started from. In order to do what he had to do he had to change, and because of that he became a better person. Also we lost a few more of our main characters. Yes this actually happened. When watching this anime along the way you will learn more about our characters.

This anime may seem weird at first, but it’s really good and well worth the watch. Well this anime gets a high recommendation from me. Now this review is over and done. If you would like to see a review of a certain anime then let me know in the comments. I am always looking for new anime, even though I will probably watch something at random. Anyways until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Also it’s very disrespectful to prance on someone’s grave. So don’t do it okay? Stay cool guys and girls.


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