Dragon Ball Z (Review) 

Now this anime was a huge part of my childhood. Just like Beyblade was. I can remember my brother playing with his friend and doing the Kamehameha. When I was kid we got a PlayStation 1 now that’s old school. We had one of the DBZ games and I used to watch my brother and his friends play it. Then we got a PlayStation 2 and we also got a DBZ game. I played the heck out of that game 😂 since I was actually interested. Talk about how many hours I put into playing that game.

Anyways I really love this anime. Not cause it was my childhood. The story was pretty good and the filler. Omg that was the best part lol. Just how they would talk about Goku’s hair when they are supposed to be training and fighting this huge enemy. It’s also funny to learn that your favorite childhood characters were actually named after vegetable. I am not joking about this. See Kakarrot? If you hadn’t noticed you replace the k with a C. What do you get? Carrot.

Then Vegeta is supposed to be Vegetable haha. Then Nappa is supposed to be Nappa Cabbage. Finally Raditz is supposed to be Radish. If you don’t believe me look it up. I think it’s in the manga. I know I read it somewhere and I’m not making this up. So how original is that lol? It’s really funny to know that they were all named after vegetables. Some of my favorite characters and heroes from this anime and manga. Holy cow the subbed version of this anime ended one day before I was born. Wow that’s a huge thing and it just blew my mind.

This anime gets a high recommendation from me. Regardless if it’s old. Please go and watch it guys, cause it’s such a classic. Now that you also know that most of the characters in this anime were named after you vegetables you can laugh lol. I mean how more original can you get? At least it’s unique and different from a lot of animes. Anyways until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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