Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (Review) 

I recently found this anime on Netflix. Yet another good one they have on there. I was sucked into a world where there was magic and Djinns. Then we meet Alibaba who is working for this man, and that man’s boss is a slave owner. We also meet one of our other main characters. His name happens to be Aladdin. So when that name comes to mind you think of the Disney Aladdin. That has Robin Williams in it. I can tell you that this anime is no Disney. Now we have a third character that is introduced.

Her name is Morgiana or Morg for short. Now Morg is owned by the man who Alibaba is working for well kinda like the one he is working for is the slave owners right hand. Him and Aladdin meet her as they are walking down a street. Aladdin sees her chains. Ugo another main character appears. He then breaks her chains. Now Ugo is a Djinn. Aladdin and Alibaba then enter a dungeon. A place where King Candidates go. We’ll learn more about what exactly is a King’s Candidate later on in the anime.

While in the dungeon Morg is set free from the chains that her owner had on her heart. Yet she still obeys him, and then the dungeon starts to collapse. Morg is told to go and be free and do what she wants. Then our main characters are together and they start talking. After all that happens they get separated. Alibaba goes back to his country to fix things so then he can travel with Aladdin and Morg. Aladdin is then found by a tribe of people in the middle of no where. He then learns who is he and then the head of the tribe.

Who happens to be an older lady adopts him into her family. Therefore making him her grandchild. I found that so adorable. Eventually they are reunited again, but not in the way they thought they would. Aladdin and Morg end up helping Alibaba along with the help of Sinbad. Everything works out, but then all hell breaks loose. Alibaba’s best friend from his childhood ends up dying, and on top of that he has to flee his country. Which he didn’t so Sinbad had to step in and knock him out and drag him to Sindria.

How does Sinbad get away with these thing you ask? Well he’s simply Sinbad and that is why he can get away with such things. If you watch this anime then you will understand as well as I do. Now I give this anime a high recommendation so go and watch it. It’s available on Netflix and also on kissanime which is also a good site to use. Well the rest of this anime starts in it’s second season. This review is done and over. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.





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