Twin Star Exorcists (Review #1)

Alright I’ve had my eye on doing this anime for awhile. It really grabbed my attention. Going into this I know I am probably going to see a lot of blood and death, but it’s not as bad Tokyo Ghoul I must say. I know I’m comparing the gore in other animes to Tokyo Ghoul. If you watched that anime you would know where I am coming from. Don’t get me even started on the manga. Anyways let’s get into this review. This is so cool and I’m really liking it.

In some ways it’s a newer version of a certain anime that I’ve seen. So our hero meets our other main character who is a girl. Interesting.He gets back into exorcising the Kerage. If you want more then be on the lookout for more reviews from this series. They will be posted very soon so make sure to check back here for them. Anyways this review is done and over. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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