Clannad (Review)

Alright so I watched this anime recently, maybe a few months ago. I really loved the story behind this anime. Although at times it was sad, but there always was a laugh or two along the way. Entering this anime and following the story I found myself confused. Eventually I got answers and was no longer confused. If you watch this anime and you become a bit confuse. Don’t worry eventually it will all add up.

I really enjoyed this anime and I have yet to watch the movie. Or if I did watch it I don’t remember lol, cause you know how much anime I watch. This anime has become a classic, or at least I think it has. Not sure lol, but I recommend that you watch this anime. It may seem confusing at first, but you will get answers eventually. In the end it all adds up so go out and watch this anime. It gets a high recommendation from me.

So go watch it! Drop everything you are doing and jump on your phone/computer and watch it. This anime is so adorable and cute. It has the romance everyone dreams of. Of course with that kind of romance comes tragedy, but then this anime has a secret twist. Throwing out all the things that you thought would of happen, but didn’t. So please go and watch this anime. Well until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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