Twin Star Exorcists (Review #4)

Wait? There is no #3? At least that is what I am guessing you are all thinking. There is a #3, but it’s just playing hide and seek. Or is it invisible to the naked eye? I admit I breezed through this anime, but it was so good. It’s been a long time since I have gotten this excited from an anime. Funny thing is that there were some Kon moments. If you don’t know who Kon is he’s from Bleach.

He’s one of my favorite characters, because he always makes things interesting. Also he manages to make you laugh, because he is always fighting with Ichigo. So what I’m getting at is that there is a character similar to Kon in this anime. That is a good thing, because you need some humor and comedy every once in awhile. Things can’t always be serious. Well in some anime they can be, but not this one. I am curious to see how this anime ends.

Well had a little issue from the site I was watching it on, but now I got that fixed so I am going to get back to this anime. Omg this is so amazing and I am really excited lol. Oh crap. Crap has hit the fan, guys. I hate the main characters brother. He’s a sadistic b@#$*%@. Normally I don’t hate on anyone, but I want this guy dead. Especially what he is doing right now to his sister and our hero.

It makes me angry to see what he is doing right now. I hope our main characters get stronger and beat the living crap out of him. Aww this is so adorable and our main character the girl is remembering all her memories with our hero. It seems like she has really fallen for him. Well that was what was supposed to happen in the beginning seeing them both grow. It’s so amazing and now I want to cry, because it’s so beautiful.

Omg omg this is so beautiful and amazing. I am literally going to cry and then jump in the air with excitement lol. I am so glad that I decided to watch this anime. *cries* *then jumps in air with excitement*. Our heroes are presented with the options of being: Getting married and have a child and or get stronger than the 12 Guardian’s. Never a dull a moment in this anime I swear. I am dying lol I’m sorry, but this is hilarious and just golden lol.

What will happen in two years? I wonder. It makes me think that this anime will continue or there will be a second season. Omg and I’m sorry I keep saying this, but this anime is just to adorable. Well things are getting quite interesting to say the least. I wonder who is Sae-chan is exactly? Why did she appear all of a sudden? Is she somehow like Roku? Hmmm hopefully we will get answers soon.

Whoa. Talk about hardcore metal. Now I am really starting to like this anime. If you want to know I love my alternative music. So this really appeals to me. It doesn’t surprise me that a demon would be singing heavy metal lol. That was a very interesting scene. I don’t even know what to say to that lol. I’m speechless.

Hmmm things are getting really interesting. Our heroes and Sae meet a Kerage and his name is Leo. If that doesn’t sound obvious to what the Kerage looks like. Well he looks like a lion as that’s what his name. It seems like Kerage have dreams just like people do. That’s a very new and interesting development in the anime. Wonder what our heroes will do? What will happen next?

The Twin Stars meet a pair of Basara Twins. What will be their fate? Also I wonder who will win this fight? Well now I have to wait for the next episode to come out. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.








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