Eureka Seven Ao (Review)

This one isn’t to old at least not yet. I watched this, because you know me I love Mecha anime. This is a continuation of Eureka Seven another reason I watched this anime. Although it makes me to wonder if it will get another season, but then again it might not. Maybe with another name, but who knows. Now as I have heard it this season wasn’t really planned.

I guess the fans or someone I don’t know really, but they didn’t like how it ended. So that is how this anime came to be, but it was never really apart of the original story. How Eureka Seven ended was how it really ended, but someone didn’t like it. So onto some plot details and goodies. Are you ready? Okay so our main character his name is Ao. Go figure huh? So his mom I’m sure that you can guess who his mom is.

Anyways she takes the Nirvash to go and stop an enemy. She then disappears when Ao is a little boy and is never seen again. When enemies come to the island to destroy it. Ao discovers the Nirvash and uses it, but when he does his hair color changes. Then he becomes the target of the village everyone wants to capture him. He then goes to Generation Blue.

Which is a huge organization that deals with enemies like the ones that attacked his home island. In the end Ao ends up seeing his mother again and he also meets his father. I wonder who that could be? Ao ends up saving the world and his parents. Alright this review is done and over and this anime gets a high recommendation from me. There you have it. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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