Ouran High School Host Club (Review)

This anime is old, but that’s makes it a classic. At least that’s what I think. I watched this anime around the time I watched Fruits Basket. I think after I finished that anime I watched this one. I rather enjoyed this anime and I am also fond of it. From what I read this anime was released 10 years ago. Wow! I didn’t know it was that was old. It would make sense, because it was released in 2006.

Fun fact for you all the subbed version of this anime the voice actors who do Tamaki-senpai and Haruhi are actually married. Now isn’t that cool? Now there have been rumors going around that there will be a second season. I highly doubt there will be a second season after 10 years have passed. There could be a potential reboot, but who knows if that will even happen or when it might.

Heck I have been waiting for a long time for someone to go back and redo Fruits Basket. Has it happened? No. I actually went and read the manga where the anime left off. Ouran High School Host Club doesn’t quite follow the manga, and so there is potential to do a reboot. Unfortunately I think the fandom for this anime/manga has died. If I am wrong then I will eat my own words.

This anime is such a classic and since it’s also old not a lot of people will ever watch it. Why? Well there are so many new and hot animes being released every season and year. I guess that’s why I like talking about some of the older animes. To try and get people aware that there are some old and really great animes that they are missing out on. Not to mention that some of this animes/manga helped make anime to what it is now.

Some of them even helped to make new genre that you see now. Same thing goes for Fullmetal Alchemist, and that is why so many fans demanded a reboot. The fans got exactly what they wanted. Let’s get back onto the topic here. I know eventually this anime will be put into the archives, and then all together it will disappear. It’s sad really. I’m sure that if you asked someone about this anime no one would know about it.

Alright now a little info about this anime. It follows a young Haruhi who happened to lost her mom and on top of that she is poor. So in other words she is a commoner. One day a young boy in her neighborhood got gum in her hair. She then cut her hair and now she looks like a boy and then she ends up attending Ouran High School. Which is a school for the wealthy and privileged people. She meets our other characters when she is trying to find a quite place to study.

Enter Tamaki the King of Ouran High School Host Club and it’s other members, because Haruhi is so scared she ends up knocking over a vase. Which was worth a lot of money. She is then forced to work for the Host Club to pay her debt off. It goes on to explain what types there are in the Host Club. Not knowing that she is a girl that make her into a Host as well. Eventually all the members find out that she is a girl.

Then all members do everything to keep her secret. Did I mention that Haruhi’s dad is a cross dresser? That was something to see let me tell you. In the end everyone lives happily ever after. The end. I give this anime a high recommendation, because it’s that good and it will make you laugh your butt off. You can find it probably just about anywhere, because it’s 10 years old. I know that it was on Netflix and I don’t know if they have taken it off yet or not. Anyways until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.
















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