Free!: Eternal Summer (Review)

I really enjoyed this last season of Free!. It really did make me cry at the end and you all know how hard it is for me to cry. Yes there is fan servicing in it but what’s so wrong with that? It’s okay to watch something like this every once in awhile. I think it rather helps to shake things up and in a good way. Okay so this review is going to be a little short as I have some things that I need to go and attend to.

The bottom line is that I give this anime a high recommendation because it’s good and also something you should watch. So until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Now that this review is done I can go and attend to those things that I was talking about. So yes this a little short, but I am quite the busy person. At least I have been these days lately. Stay cool guys and girls.

P.S. Happy New Years Everyone! (In case some of you guys live in a different time zones than I do, cause as of right now it’s New Years Eve here lol.) If you go out please be safe and remember to not drink and drive


Buddy Complex (Review)

This anime is only two years old and I remember that, because it was released in 2014 and I watched it as it came out. I am huge sucker for mecha anime as almost all of you know. So when I watched this anime I was rather excited. I was not disappointed let me say that. It was way different from most mecha anime that I have seen. Which I might add is a lot.

Have you been looking for a good mecha anime? Will if I might suggest that you should try this one and also it’s still relatively new! That must be a bonus right? I guess it would be for me as I am always looking for new anime. Maybe once in a blue moon or on special occasions will I watch old anime. Unless it has a soft spot in my heart. Then that makes it a whole and completely different story.

What could make it more different than time travel? Let me guess you’re thinking what the heck? So our main character is from the past and is thrown into the future by our main character girl. Which he ends up trying to search for her, but has no luck. Shortly before they depart she tells him that a certain person is waiting for him. He then meets that guy, but the guy doesn’t know him. Let alone he has never met our main character ever before. As the story goes along our main character discovers that certain elements from the past and where he lived no longer exists.

Which saddens him greatly. To know that you will never see your friends and family ever again. As his fate was changed forever when he met our main character girl. Well this review is done and now I will seal it. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. What if you traveled in time? What do you think the future would be like? Also what would happen if you did have a chance to travel to the future? Think about it. I will leave things at that and remember to stay cool guys and girls.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Review)

The older sibling in this series is Fullmetal Alchemist. As you know there was a huge outrage from fans that demanded this anime get rebooted. Well fans got what they wanted and so here is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Now this one actually follows the manga. If I must say it follows it rather closely. Compared to Fullmetal Alchemist it’s like night and day.

Honestly what was the company thinking? If they knew there would be an outrage from the fans. Then why did they do it? It just doesn’t make sense, but there’s a lot of things that don’t make sense to begin with. What I am thinking they did is since the rest of the manga hadn’t came out yet. They did a sort of what if scenario like what they did with Tokyo Ghoul Root A. Which if you are a fan of that anime then you know how many people were outraged.

Normally I would say I am going to cover that anime in another blog, but I will not be doing that one. Why? Well, because I am disappointed as it didn’t follow the manga as the first season. This is coming from someone who actually took the time to read the manga of this anime. Back to this anime, because I am getting off topic here. At the end of this anime I actually liked it and also rather entertaining it was. It has a lot of jokes just like Fullmetal Alchemist and also it had it’s serious moments as well. Not to mention sad parts as well, but if want to know all these things then watch it.

Alright this anime gets a high recommendation from me and now this review is done. Until next time keep reading manga, and watching anime. Whatever you do don’t make fun of short people. Why? Simply, because they are fun size and have a lot of fun. Unlike us tall people. Okay so stay cool guys and girls, till next time.

100th Blog Post! Top Fave Animes Ever.

My 100th Blog Post and to mark such a feat in itself I am going to cover my top fave animes of all time.



Okay so this anime is very old and I am well aware of it. Now this anime was one of the ones I first watched when I was just getting into the anime world. This anime features a boy named Daisuke Niwa. Here is the plot for this anime.


D.N.Angel follows the adventures of Daisuke Niwa, an average teenage boy. At the story’s opening, Daisuke declares love for his crush, a girl named Risa Harada, on his fourteenth birthday. She rejects him, and later that day, the heart-broken Daisuke undergoes a strange mutation that changes him into another person. He is told calmly by his mother Emiko that, because of a strange genetic condition, all the males in Daisuke’s family gain the countenance of Dark Mousy, a famous phantom thief.

The transformation occurs every time Daisuke has romantic feelings for his crush or whenever he thinks too long about her. Dark changes back into Daisuke the same way. Daisuke is forced to keep his family’s secret and control his alter ego, Dark (whom Risa, Daisuke’s crush, has fallen for), while dashing his way out of being caught by the commander of the police. Daisuke learns that in order to return to normality, he must have his unrequited love returned.

The aforementioned commander of the police is a classmate of Daisuke’s named Satoshi Hiwatari. Hiwatari suffers from his own version of the phantom-thief curse, and a bond forms between Hiwatari and Daisuke because of their similar afflictions. Hiwatari carries the alter-ego named Krad. However, though Dark and Krad hate one another, Hiwatari and Daisuke maintain a strained but genuine friendship, despite Dark’s constant moaning.

Dark steals certain artistic objects of value, works made by Satoshi’s ancestors, because they contain dangerous magical properties. Some of them, such as “The Second Hand of Time” and “Argentine” also have personalities of their own. Some of the objects that he steals are quite dangerous. Dark’s method of stealing is based on garnering attention; before stealing, Emiko will send out a warning of what will be stolen.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Now I found this anime very interesting and not to mention very different. This anime first had it’s run in 2003. From there it went on to have a manga adaption that had two volumes in it. Not to mention that it also got a PlayStation 2 game to boot with everything else. If you don’t find a boy transforming into a notorious phantom thief interesting. Then what will you find interesting? That’s my question for you.

So at the end of the day I give this anime a high recommendation rate. Why? Simply, because it was one of the animes that got me started, and I also fell in love with the story not to mention the characters. Who wouldn’t love a bad boy like Dark? At least I know I do. Anyways that is all for this review and make sure to see what some of my other favorites are. Whatever you do don’t fall in love with a bad boy. Just kidding.




Now I am very aware that I have done a review for this anime, but that still doesn’t make it not one of my favorites. How can I explain this and put it into words? Okay what I liked about this anime was that it featured a deaf person. Oh we also can’t forget drugs! Alright I absolutely hate drugs. They cause so many deaths and problems for people. Especially since some of my family have been plagued by these drugs and which some have passed. Besides I would never be able to do drugs anyways. I am deathly afraid of needles and I can’t swallow pills of any kind. So there I have said it. Also smoking is bad and I don’t recommend doing that either, but hey it is your life and you can do whatever you want with it.


Gundam SEED


I am sure that you seen this one coming especially with the comments I made in my review. I am very serious about this one being my favorites. Although I will admit that it is so hard to choose favorites. Why? Well if I have to choose favorites it’s like I am choosing one of my children over the other. So it is very hard and also I don’t really have kids. Maybe I will someday. As I mentioned this was one of the first animes I watched when I was getting started. Does it seem like I have to many animes that got me started in the anime world? Of course not you can never have to much anime or at least I think so.




Honestly this one shouldn’t be a surprise as you know I did invest 6 years into this series. So almost half my life. Just kidding. I really liked this anime and as I said it has a soft place in my heart. So don’t be so shocked and surprised to see this anime on my favorite list. All the characters are all interesting and unique. Not one is the same as the other. Recently I showed this anime to a friend of mine. Of course I had to explain almost everything that happened up to a certain point. As we watched one of the movies of Bleach, but they seemed very interested. They told me that if they had the time that they would probably watch it. Then I told them how many episodes there were. They then changed their tune, but I hope someday they will give it a chance. As it’s a really good anime.


Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (or Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash)


I also have done a review on this anime. Now the one thing I really found interesting was that it had a SAO quality to it. If you don’t know about that anime well I will be covering it later on. Although in this anime it’s not a game, but real life and along the way they lose friends who are also their teammates. So I am sure that if you watch this anime then you will become addicted to it. This one is short simply because I have already done a review on it. More or less this is just me revisiting it again and to put it on my favorites list.


Ouran High School Host Club


This is also another one that shouldn’t be a surprise either. I really liked this anime for giving me a lot laughs. Trust me there were a lot of them. I also liked the special they did of Alice and Wonderland. Have to say that it was pretty good and also rather adorable. This is one of those animes that you can watch on a Saturday or Sunday. When you are just sitting there relaxing. It may be winter, fall, spring and or summer. No matter the season this anime is perfect for when you are relaxing. Or if you need a good laugh then I would go with this anime. As it is on my favorites list for that very reason.


Alright I want to thank all of you who have joined me on all my other blog posts. Here is to another 101. Just kidding. To another 100. Again thank you for being supportive of this blog and liking the posts. I couldn’t have done any of it without you all and also for your constructive criticisms. So thank you for being on this amazing journey and I can’t thank you all enough. Alright this blog post is done. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.

Fullmetal Alchemist (Review)

Now here is an old anime and so let us begin. Here is the plot and I want to thank Wikipedia for giving me the info I need.

The first half of the anime’s plot adapts the first seven volumes of the manga, but then the plots severely diverge from each other by the middle of the story, specifically around the time where Roy Mustang’s friend Maes Hughes is murdered by the homunculus Envy in disguise. Dante, a former lover of Hohenheim and mentor to the Elric brothers’ teacher, is the series’ central antagonist. Centuries ago, Hohenheim and Dante perfected methods for making the Philosopher’s Stone and achieved immortality by transferring their souls and intellects into other bodies as they age.

Hohenheim was eventually overcome with the guilt of sacrificing lives to make the Stone and left Dante. Although Dante can still jump from body to body with the last stone she and Hohenheim created, she is not willing to risk the rebound of creating one herself. She thus uses the homunculi to encourage Edward and Alphonse, along with other equally desperate Alchemists to create another complete Philosopher’s Stone for her.

When Scar creates the Philosopher’s Stone, at the cost of his life as well as the lives of 7,000 soldiers, he infuses it into Alphonse’s metal body, which leads to Alphonse’s kidnapping. Edward goes and tries to rescue him, but is killed by Envy. Alphonse uses the Philosopher’s Stone to revive his brother but disappears in the process. Dante tries to escape but she is killed when the homunculus Gluttony, whose mind she had earlier destroyed, fails to recognize his master.

After being revived, Edward risks his life to bring back his brother and finds himself in a parallel world, while Alphonse recovers his original body. Determined to reunite with Alphonse, Edward becomes involved in rocketry research, intending to use that technology to return to his home world.

The story concludes in the film adaptation Conqueror of Shamballa, in which Edward’s search attracts the attention of the Thule Society, which seeks to enter his homeworld—believing it to be Shamballa—to obtain new weapons to help them in World War II. Dietlinde Eckhart, a member of the Thule Society, enters the other world and tries to destroy Amestris. She is defeated by the Elric brothers, who decide to stay in Germany.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Okay so Fullmetal Alchemist. Now I am sure some of you should remember this anime. Also there was a huge outrage from the fans, because it did not follow the manga. Hence why there is Brotherhood it’s sibling. So this one does not follow the manga all the way through. Unlike it’s sibling Brotherhood which follows the manga to a tee. Have you ever watched this anime? If you did what did you think?

As I watched it I really liked and of course I also watched Brotherhood, but you should know me by now that Brotherhood is for another blog post. So I can’t really remember when or why I watched this anime. Maybe because it was hot at the time? I don’t really remember. Now I do remember enjoying it very much.

I think one of my favorite characters from this anime is Roy Mustang. He’s a bad$#@ along with his fiery personality and attitude. Alright this review is done. So I give this anime a high recommendation and with that go and watch it when you have the time. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.



Magi: Adventures of Sinbad (Review)

So in this anime we learn more about Sinbad. I actually watched this before watching the first season of Magi. Which has our three main characters Aladdin, Alibaba and Morg. Oh and I also can’t forget Sinbad and his kingdom, Sindria. We get to see the birth of Sinbad, and don’t worry they censored it so you only see Sinbad being handed to his father. His father later gets into trouble for harboring an agent from an enemy country. He then is taken and sent into war, but now before the villagers get angry and almost try to hurt Sinbad. Sinbad’s father takes off some of clothes and all you can see is his chest so don’t sweat lol. The villagers then see what war really is and are disgusted and then they leave Sinbad and his mother alone. After that Sinbad never saw his father again, because he died in the war and his body was never recovered. The only thing that was sent home to them was a sword. Fast forward a couple of years to when Sinbad is now a teenager. He is then seen saving some girls and an old man from some thieves who deserted the army. As a reward they offer him fruit as payment. That’s when Yunan enters the picture. He then travels home with Sinbad. At this time Sinbad’s mom has gotten older and is now frail and sick. Yunan later picks Sinbad as his King’s Candidate and tells him of the dungeon. Which he clears and acquires Baal. Sinbad then becomes a fugitive as he won’t be turned into a soldier by his home country. Later he goes on to master another dungeon and then ends up gaining some comrades. Also when he got Baal his mother ended up passing away. Then we end up getting to season 1 of Magi which is The Labyrinth of Magic. After that is the second season Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. Alright so this review is now done. So I give this anime a high recommendation and I suggest you watch this before the other seasons. As it will help you to learn more about Sinbad and also Yunan and a few other characters. So go watch it and it can be found on Netflix and probably other places as well. Since it’s still brand new or at least I think it is. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


It’s Christmas Day.

So I was going to have anime review today, but I changed my mind as I would rather spend more time with my family. I hope that all you have a good and awesome holiday. Go enjoy the time you have with your family. What will I be doing you ask? Well I am going to enjoy this cup of coffee/hot chocolate and watch some holiday movies with the fam. Oh I also can’t forget the presents and family fun. But don’t worry I will back at again tomorrow with the reviews. Again happy holidays and I will see all of you in the next blog post, until then keep reading manga. Also keep watching anime and stay cool guys and girls and yes I know this is a little short, but I want to get back to my family lol.