Naruto (Review)

Were all of you wondering when I was going to do a feature on this anime? Are you excited? You should be, because I am here to do a review on this anime. I am aware that this anime is old and is a part of “The Big Three” so I explained what The Big Three was last time. In case you forgot I will explain it again. So The Big Three. What comes to mind when you here that? Okay I’ll stop with the questions and start with some answers. Now back to explaining. Alright when Bleach, Naruto and One Piece manga and also the anime were still going.

They were all considered The Big Three, because at the time they were being released they were hot and had been for the last 10 years. Well that might not be accurate, but there are still a lot of fans of The Big Three. I’m still quite the fan of Bleach and the others. Although I am guilty for not watching Naruto until a few years ago, but I really liked what I saw and now here we are with this review.

Want to know a funny story? Well Naruto was popular when I was in first grade. I had a friend who was watching it. So I ummm *cough* told them that it was stupid. They got mad at me so we literally had a fight over Naruto lol. I laugh every time I remember that fight, because it’s funny maybe not then, but it is now lol. Oh I think One Piece is still going. Although I haven’t really kept tabs on it in quite some time. Back to this review.

As the title says this anime/manga follows a young boy named Naruto. Who dreams of becoming Hokage someday. So in order to make that happen he has to become a ninja. Which he completes successfully. Along his journey he tells many of his dream to be Hokage someday, and all of them try to knock him down a peg or two. That only makes him stronger. Also in his village he is the outcast, because he had a demon fox spirit sealed inside him.

At the time that happened he was just an infant. This anime does have a second season which I will be covering soon. So I am giving this anime a high recommendation. I warn you though if you do not like old anime that is from the early 2000’s. Then the art might bother you just a small warning. Well this review is done and over. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.













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