God Eater (Review)

This anime aired in 2015 and ended this year in 2016. So this anime is still fairly new. Now when I watched this anime it had a Attack on Titan feel. I kid you not. Even with that I still watched it and it was pretty good. Almost all anime I watch I try to have good things to say unless they were super annoying, and or far to disturbing for me.

I have my limits and if I don’t respect them. Well that would be bad. So in this anime they are supposed to fight these creatures. Our characters are to fight and kill the creatures and retrieve a certain part of them. I can’t remember exactly what the creatures are called nor the part they are supposed to retrieve. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this anime. So in Attack On Titan we have people dying right? Well this anime is a little different, but it has it’s similarities I admit that much.

We meet a young Lenka. I think that’s how his name is spelled. I’ll look it up in a minute. As this anime progresses only certain people are able to live in the city. While the others who aren’t able to live there. Well they are to forever roam and be fodder for his creatures that they are trying to kill. Sound familiar? Remember how the titans broke through the wall?

Well a lot of people died then. In this anime a lot of people also die. I mean like mass murder, but the gore level isn’t quite up to Tokyo Ghoul. Also as this anime goes along we learn more about our main character, Lenka. What made him pursue to wield a weapon and fight these creatures? So either watch the anime or look it up.

We have one of our main characters die, but I will not reveal who it is. Again if you want answers then watch the anime or look it up. So Lenka gets his weapon, and all the weapons in this anime we’re also created from the creatures. Lenka has a high compatibility rate with his and that’s were things go wrong, because of that the weapon is slowly eating and corrupting him.

He has two choices. Stop fighting and live and do some other job in the military. Or die from using his weapon to much. Now this is where I will leave the review so if you want answers. Well watch the anime, because I give it a high recommendation. This anime is available on kissanime and probably on other sites as well. Since it’s still pretty new well not exactly “new” new, but it’s not old either. Oh and also originally this anime was a game that’s another cool thing about this anime. Well until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.








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