Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Review)

or better known as Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.

In this anime we meet characters who come to this world. The catch is though that they have no memories of who or where they came from. So they are just totally thrown into this world and are expected to survive. Now this anime really caught my attention and so I had to watch it. In the end I am really glad that I watched this anime.

So this anime had an SAO (Sword Art Online) except it’s not virtual, but reality. Also if you die you actually really do die. Your head won’t be microwaved in this anime if you die. Alright so all our characters all have gone and learned specific trades. There is Thieves, Mages (I can’t remember what the male version’s of this trade is), Warriors, Priest, Hunter, and Dark Knight. That at least cover our main characters, but there a lot more trades.

Did I mention there were teams? Well oops, because that’s another huge thing in this anime. So when everyone was thrown into this world everyone assembled into teams. Of course the only people left were somewhat oddballs. So they all got assigned together in a team. They also live all together under one roof. Now everything in this world you have to pay for, and well it’s not cheap. Also our group of main characters are practically the military’s dog, but worse. In order to make it in this world you have to work and beat dungeons. Sound familiar?

That’s actually how they get money is defeating dungeons and selling what they get. Also if they defeat a boss then they can get even more money. Eventually one of our main characters, and I have to say I almost cried. He was such a good character, but maybe a little to gentle. Our thief of the group then becomes the leader. So if you have questions and want answers then watch the anime. Or you could just look them up there is that to, but where is the fun?

This anime is still fairly new as it just aired this year at the beginning of January. Now I don’t know if there is a second season or not. If there is then I have yet to watch it. This anime can be found on kissanime and probably other sites also, because it’s still new. So I will leave this review here. I am going to give this anime a high recommendation, because it’s really good although it is a bit sad. Only when one of our main characters dies. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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