Twin Star Exorcists (Review #5)

So review #5 of this anime finally decided to show up? Yes it did and with that I have watched the latest episode to this anime. Honestly it was so good and so much is developing. I am really curious to know what Sae-chan really is. I want answers *sobs*. I won’t even mention the manga >.> I’m already caught up on that as well and omg I now have to wait. *hates waiting* So I really liked the new episode and it did reveal some answers, but not the ones I am looking for.

Is it me or does Benio and Roku look so bad@$# in their exorcist uniforms? When I read the manga there were a few things that were different, but they were rather small. So the way the anime is going right now is that it won’t overlap with the manga. Or so what I have heard and maybe right now they are introducing characters. I guess you could call this filler in the way the anime is going right now. I don’t mind filler though, because it makes for good entertainment. At least in my opinion. As I am caught with the manga and anime of this series I want to talk about it some more.

I have to say that it’s very nice and cool to see Roku and Benio grow throughout the anime. While things are a bit more different in the manga, but I won’t spoil you on how much things are different. Okay I am going to say this. Two characters I don’t like Mayura and Yuuto (that’s how is name is actually spelled in the manga).

So Mayura is Rokuro’s childhood friend. As she is also the daughter of Seigen and he is Roku’s Mentor. Now I really like Seigen, but I don’t like his daughter I am sorry. I am totally shipping Roku and Benio together, because of all the things that are happening in the manga. Hmmm what would make me say that? Well read the manga and you will know why.

The reason I don’t like Mayura is, because I find her rather whinny and annoying. The only reason why she wants to become an exorcist, is because of Roku. She wants to get between Roku and Benio. I’m sorry, but that make me angry. Why?

Well, because I actually like seeing Benio and Roku together they make a cute couple. While she’s just annoying and a pain in the butt to say the least. Now I try and like all characters if it’s possible. Sometimes although it’s rare I can at least not like a character or two in this case, but that’s rare and only happens in a blue moon.

The reason I don’t like Yuuto, is because he is a sadistic b@#$%@&. Another reason is of what he does to his twin sister, Benio. Now I won’t tell you what he does. Omg he just makes me so mad. I’m sorry, I want him dead. I know it’s not nice to say such things, but honestly this guy has it coming to him.

Especially with all the crap he has done to Roku and Benio. I just want to pull my hair out, because he makes me that mad. I am going to end things here before I get more angry just thinking about Yuuto. Sorry that you had to see such an ugly side of me.

Some characters just really rub me the wrong way especially if they are so twisted like Yuuto. We all at least have one character we hate with a passion. You can find the manga for this series probably anywhere online you’ll just have to look.

Or buying the manga is also an option, but only if you have the funds to do it. Now for the anime I am sure that you can also find it anywhere online as well. Again you will just have to look for it. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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