Clannad: After Story (Review)

So this is the second season to Clannad. Where ever shall I begin with this anime? Okay so our two main character (a girl and guy) have gotten married. Now this may be a spoiler or maybe not. I don’t know so you will have to decide. So our married couple are now expecting a *spoiler*. Whoa news flash! I bet some of you weren’t expecting that were you? Well it happened so deal with it. Now when I watched the first season of this anime I was a little confused. As this second season progressed the confusion cleared up a bit, but only brought up more questions.

Other than the little confusion and trying to figure out what was happening and going on. I really enjoyed this anime. Another thing is that I really loved getting to see our couple being together it was just adorable. So there were a fee sad parts and I admit that I almost cried at those parts. In the end everything ends up working out, and everyone gets a happy ending.

Except the girls who had loved our now married guy character. They got their hearts broken. Honestly though I am glad that our main guy and girl fell for one another. I shipped them from the beginning. So I am a happy person lol. Well this anime review is done. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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