Suki-tte li na yo. (Review #3)

It’s that time for another episode of this anime. Are you excited to hear what happens? Well hopefully you are, because I am really curious to see where this goes. In the last episode Yamato and Mei had a huge kissing scene. That was the part where I mentioned I almost spit out my coffee, because it had caught me off guard.

Omg this is also funny and yet it can be serious. Mei is finally going out on a date with a guy. You can probably guess who at this point. Well at the moment she is very flustered and I don’t blame her. Going out on a date especially if you aren’t comfortable enough with the person. Well it can be awkward as all heck.

Back to the review now. I wonder how their date will go? Awww she was 20 mins late. Wow that is a new record. Omg her mom just found out that she has a date. Her mother’s reaction is funny and now Mei is trying to deny it lol. Omg Yamato just told Mei that she is his girlfriend. Awwww major cuteness overload right now and this highly adorable. Wow some of the girls in this anime are so mean.

If I could I probably would punch them right about now. Honestly it’s not okay to be mean to someone. It’s just wrong plain and simple. Wow this girl took advantage of Yamato and his kindness. Now that’s just low. Awww their date went really well and they ended it with a kiss. So cute! Well I hope you will keep reading these reviews as I watch this anime. Now I will leave things here. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Please be nice to people. Stay cool guys and girls.


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