Suki-tte li na yo. (Review #8)

Episode 8
So in the last episode Mei took things into her own hands and kissed Yamato in the hall in front of everyone. How this will affect things? I am glad to see things might be going back to normal. Well it might not go back to normal. I think I am going to cry again. Looks like Mei is starting to become more like a girl. I am really liking this new development.

Rumors are terrible. Okay I am literally crying. Not joking. This is such a tear jerker. Although that’s what I think makes it good. When an anime moves you then the people who did the anime are doing a good job.

Okay so when you watch this anime I am sure that you will probably cry. Well that was it for that episode so join me next time to read the next review for this series. Let’s hope that I don’t cry during the next episode. So this may seem short, but that’s all I had to say for this episode. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime.


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