Suki-tte li na yo. (Review #13)

Episode 13
So here we are down to the final episode. I don’t want this anime to end T^T, because I love it so much. Push the button Mei. Push it lol. They finally meet after Yamato was running all around town looking for her. On top of that his phone dies lol. Talk about bad luck or what. Well they finally met up and everything ended up how I thought it would. Although I have to wonder if they ever get married and have kids. I am going to be asking myself that question forever.

There may be more answers in the manga so maybe I will look it up and read it. Anyways that was it for that episode and now to close this anime is the OVA to this series. Which will be in the next blog. Sorry folks you will have to wait and see what the OVA is all about in another blog post. I think I know the reason why this had a Ao Haru Ride feeling to it, because the artwork is almost the same.

Even the characters are almost a like. No wonder it felt a little like Ao Haru Ride. Except that Ao Haru Ride first aired in 2015, and the main guy in that anime isn’t a model lol. Although the main guy in that anime also has his problems, and same goes for the girl. Anyways I hope that you will watch this anime. So please give it a try.  Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


One thought on “Suki-tte li na yo. (Review #13)

  1. Glad it left you feel that way and the manga might not answer you question 😜 (they don’t have kids now, not that far ahead) and hope you enjoy the OVA and manga too


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