Itsudatte My Santa! (Review)

So it’s Christmas Eve and I want to wish all you guys a Happy Holidays. You were thinking that I was going to take a hiatus during Christmas Eve and Christmas? Psssh who said that I would? Obviously I didn’t say that. So what am I watching this time? Well since it’s the holidays and a special one I thought I would watch something that fits with this time of year. By the way you might as well throw another log on the fire and get cozy because I feel this anime is going to be good. Oh before I forget it’s called Itsudatte My Santa! and it first aired December 7, 2005. Indeed it is old but I am okay with that.


An unlucky boy named Santa was born on Christmas Eve whose parents don’t even care about meets a santa- in- training girl name Mai. She is determined to wish him the best Christmas he will ever have and its gets even better when they fall in love with each other.
Mai, a Santa in training, appears in front of an Unlucky boy named Santa, on Christmas Eve, promising him, she will make him happy for one night.

(source: AnimeNewsNetwork)


This anime was actually adorable and very fitting for this time of the year. Although I must say I was a bit confused and then I learned that this anime was a OVA. Is it worth the watch? Well I am going to leave that up to you. I think it was really good and I give it a medium recommendation rating. If you feel this rating doesn’t fit with this anime then you can watch and give it your own rating. So until my next blog post happy holidays and keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls and that is all for this review.


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