Magi: Adventures of Sinbad (Review)

So in this anime we learn more about Sinbad. I actually watched this before watching the first season of Magi. Which has our three main characters Aladdin, Alibaba and Morg. Oh and I also can’t forget Sinbad and his kingdom, Sindria. We get to see the birth of Sinbad, and don’t worry they censored it so you only see Sinbad being handed to his father. His father later gets into trouble for harboring an agent from an enemy country. He then is taken and sent into war, but now before the villagers get angry and almost try to hurt Sinbad. Sinbad’s father takes off some of clothes and all you can see is his chest so don’t sweat lol. The villagers then see what war really is and are disgusted and then they leave Sinbad and his mother alone. After that Sinbad never saw his father again, because he died in the war and his body was never recovered. The only thing that was sent home to them was a sword. Fast forward a couple of years to when Sinbad is now a teenager. He is then seen saving some girls and an old man from some thieves who deserted the army. As a reward they offer him fruit as payment. That’s when Yunan enters the picture. He then travels home with Sinbad. At this time Sinbad’s mom has gotten older and is now frail and sick. Yunan later picks Sinbad as his King’s Candidate and tells him of the dungeon. Which he clears and acquires Baal. Sinbad then becomes a fugitive as he won’t be turned into a soldier by his home country. Later he goes on to master another dungeon and then ends up gaining some comrades. Also when he got Baal his mother ended up passing away. Then we end up getting to season 1 of Magi which is The Labyrinth of Magic. After that is the second season Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. Alright so this review is now done. So I give this anime a high recommendation and I suggest you watch this before the other seasons. As it will help you to learn more about Sinbad and also Yunan and a few other characters. So go watch it and it can be found on Netflix and probably other places as well. Since it’s still brand new or at least I think it is. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.



2 thoughts on “Magi: Adventures of Sinbad (Review)

  1. I wonder this Magi + Adventure of Sinbad tried to run the story of Sinbad because he is the last boss who is very interesting at the same time or not? Because I feel mangaka wants to show how the present Sinbad ends up like this.

    Well, if mangaka intends to tell us Sinbad is so special but not different from others, mangaka succeeds motivate me to write two analysis for this character. Somehow, I think he will give the future path to next generation (Alibaba, Aladdin, etc.) and rests in peace (return to the rukh) because he already is dead.


  2. I am not completely sure me and a friend sat and completed the reason and motive behind the authors intention with the story. We also thought Sinbad’s death was just to easy. The author compared his death to that of the Greek myth about where Icarus flew to close to the sun and got burned. Taking away from this if one wants to much power or pushes things to far it will only hurt them and make them suffer. Or at least that is what I think the myth is trying to tell us in my opinion.

    Now I have read the manga where the second season of Magi ended but I went back a little more though. In case the anime missed something. So I have some spoilers, but I won’t be talking about them till later. My final verdict is that Magi has some Greek and Roman myths involved with the story. Notice Reim and Leim? Those are almost like Greek and Roman names. The author also used a reference to a Greek myth. So will we see more references to Greek and Roman myths? I am not sure, but I can see where the author gets their influence and inspiration from. Or at least I think I have found it lol and I think that the time period this takes place in is Greek and Roman time. Although a little more advance from that time period, and with a few more elements that aren’t from that time frame. Although that is just my view point and I wouldn’t read to much into it lol. Hope you have an awesome day and sorry that this is rather long XD


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