Fullmetal Alchemist (Review)

Now here is an old anime and so let us begin. Here is the plot and I want to thank Wikipedia for giving me the info I need.

The first half of the anime’s plot adapts the first seven volumes of the manga, but then the plots severely diverge from each other by the middle of the story, specifically around the time where Roy Mustang’s friend Maes Hughes is murdered by the homunculus Envy in disguise. Dante, a former lover of Hohenheim and mentor to the Elric brothers’ teacher, is the series’ central antagonist. Centuries ago, Hohenheim and Dante perfected methods for making the Philosopher’s Stone and achieved immortality by transferring their souls and intellects into other bodies as they age.

Hohenheim was eventually overcome with the guilt of sacrificing lives to make the Stone and left Dante. Although Dante can still jump from body to body with the last stone she and Hohenheim created, she is not willing to risk the rebound of creating one herself. She thus uses the homunculi to encourage Edward and Alphonse, along with other equally desperate Alchemists to create another complete Philosopher’s Stone for her.

When Scar creates the Philosopher’s Stone, at the cost of his life as well as the lives of 7,000 soldiers, he infuses it into Alphonse’s metal body, which leads to Alphonse’s kidnapping. Edward goes and tries to rescue him, but is killed by Envy. Alphonse uses the Philosopher’s Stone to revive his brother but disappears in the process. Dante tries to escape but she is killed when the homunculus Gluttony, whose mind she had earlier destroyed, fails to recognize his master.

After being revived, Edward risks his life to bring back his brother and finds himself in a parallel world, while Alphonse recovers his original body. Determined to reunite with Alphonse, Edward becomes involved in rocketry research, intending to use that technology to return to his home world.

The story concludes in the film adaptation Conqueror of Shamballa, in which Edward’s search attracts the attention of the Thule Society, which seeks to enter his homeworld—believing it to be Shamballa—to obtain new weapons to help them in World War II. Dietlinde Eckhart, a member of the Thule Society, enters the other world and tries to destroy Amestris. She is defeated by the Elric brothers, who decide to stay in Germany.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Okay so Fullmetal Alchemist. Now I am sure some of you should remember this anime. Also there was a huge outrage from the fans, because it did not follow the manga. Hence why there is Brotherhood it’s sibling. So this one does not follow the manga all the way through. Unlike it’s sibling Brotherhood which follows the manga to a tee. Have you ever watched this anime? If you did what did you think?

As I watched it I really liked and of course I also watched Brotherhood, but you should know me by now that Brotherhood is for another blog post. So I can’t really remember when or why I watched this anime. Maybe because it was hot at the time? I don’t really remember. Now I do remember enjoying it very much.

I think one of my favorite characters from this anime is Roy Mustang. He’s a bad$#@ along with his fiery personality and attitude. Alright this review is done. So I give this anime a high recommendation and with that go and watch it when you have the time. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.




4 thoughts on “Fullmetal Alchemist (Review)

  1. It’s okay a lot of people have a busy schedule and can’t always fit anime or manga into their lives. I never figured out how I fit all the animes and mangas in my time when I was in high school XD it really amazes me and now if I can only study like some of the students in the animes I watch lol


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