Free!: Eternal Summer (Review)

I really enjoyed this last season of Free!. It really did make me cry at the end and you all know how hard it is for me to cry. Yes there is fan servicing in it but what’s so wrong with that? It’s okay to watch something like this every once in awhile. I think it rather helps to shake things up and in a good way. Okay so this review is going to be a little short as I have some things that I need to go and attend to.

The bottom line is that I give this anime a high recommendation because it’s good and also something you should watch. So until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Now that this review is done I can go and attend to those things that I was talking about. So yes this a little short, but I am quite the busy person. At least I have been these days lately. Stay cool guys and girls.

P.S. Happy New Years Everyone! (In case some of you guys live in a different time zones than I do, cause as of right now it’s New Years Eve here lol.) If you go out please be safe and remember to not drink and drive


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