Gundam AGE (Review)

So this anime is a few years old I think. I first watched it when it came, because you know I am a sucker for this series. I will watch anything Gundam as long as it grabs my attention, and looks promising. This anime did not disappoint. Actually I am going to watch it again now lol. Honestly I don’t think I can ever say no to anything Gundam or Mecha related. Which I have yet to watch Thunderbolt and IBO (Iron Blood Orphan) I did however watch one episode of IBO when the first season came out. Although I have yet to sit down and watch all of it, because I have been busy but I am planning to get to those soon.

This anime first aired in 2011 on October 9th. In this anime we meet a young, Flit Asuno. Fourteen years ago a new and unknown foe appeared which they named them the UE (Unknown Enemy). As suddenly as they appeared then disappeared, but not without destroying a space colony in the process. Which young Flit survived but had to watch his mother die. As she was dying she gave him something and it was a family heirloom.

The AGE device which contains plans for a mobile suit and in hopes he started to build it with the help of the Earth Federation. Flit then names it Gundam and as it’s finished the UE attacks the colony that he lives on. He is given the choice to die or fight and he ultimately chooses to fight. This then begins the Asuno family’s century long battle to protect humanity from the invaders.

Along the way Flit fights many enemies and loses some people very dear and near to his heart. At those points I actually did cry a little. He had to kill the love of his life as he was left with no choice, because he would die and so would everyone else so he chose to live and save the others. Other than that I really loved this anime a lot and it’s still one that I like to watch every once in a while. So on this Sunday night if you don’t have any plans then maybe you can watch this.

I think you’d probably like it as I feel it’s different from the others in the Gundam series. Now you know me as the type to not reveal everything about an anime. Especially with this one, because if you don’t have plans and do watch it. Well then I think you will be in for quite the surprise. So I am going to bid all you goodnight and I hope you will give this anime a try.

In the end this anime gets a high recommendation from me as it’s really unique, and different from the others in the Gundam series as most usually are. None are exactly the same, but they usually do have some things in common. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.




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