Captain Earth (Review)

So it’s another day of work and school with little play. I am here to help you unwind from your long day. So this anime is called Captain Earth and it first started airing in 2014. I remember, because I was watching it as the new episodes were being released. The airing of this show then ended in 2015.

Of course you should know I am not always the patient kind. So after getting tired of waiting for new episodes of this series I jumped to another anime, but to be fair I did go back and watch all the other episodes. Why? Well it had caught my attention and the story seemed to be pretty good as well.

In the beginning we meet a young and a sophomore in high school, Daichi. His father had died to save the world and his home also he saved Daichi. Now the rest is history, but then Daichi’s life is forever changed when he meets Teppei and Hana who are also teenagers. He originally met them when they were all little kids, but he meets them again years later.

He also meets Akari who is an incredible hacker like scary incredible. Wish I had those kinds of skills like she does. They then all team up to save the world along with protecting it from their enemy the KILL-T-GANG. As they wish to end and destroy all life on Earth. In the end Daichi must pilot a giant robot called “Earth Engine” and it’s the only way to save his home.

Now all the rest is history and if you want more info then watch the anime or go look up the answers on your own. I actually really did enjoy this anime. Of course I like just about any Mecha anime as long as it has a good story and it’s no older than the 2000’s.

Sorry, but some of the older animes give me headaches and some of them are just plain to flashy and annoying. I give this anime a high recommendation, because I know it was good and I am hoping you will watch it and feel the same way. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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