Golden Time (Review #1)

Okay so I found this anime recently and so I put it on my list to watch. So my list has been rather long for quite some time, but now I actually have the time to watch this anime. As I have narrowed the list a little lol, but not as much as I hoped. I have never seen this anime or heard of it at least until recently. Alright I am not going to read the summary for this anime, because I want to enter this anime with a open mind.

Are you ready to come with me on another journey through a new anime? I hope so and here we go. Episode one.

So that was an interesting start lol and the opening is unique to say the least. Since this is my first episode of this anime I will watch the opening and ending. So a girl comes out of the blue and starts smacking Yana-san that Banri just met. She doesn’t smack him with her hand but with roses. Now that is something I don’t see everyday in an anime lol, and just as she had come the faster she left.

Now the boys just handed out the roses for free to play off the scene that just happened. Good play guys and I think it worked. I think Yana-san just broke. Yep he definitely broke and has gone off the deep end. Oh no looks like Yana-san is dead meat. That is not good so what will become of him? Alright that is all for this episode. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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