Golden Time (Review #2)

Last time we left off Yana-san was dead meat and if you want to know why then watch the anime lol. So now we are going to jump into Episode 2 today. This is very interesting it seems like Banri might have been in an accident. So ummm this anime has a few things that are probably wrong on ten different levels. Although I am rather liking it though, because it’s never uninteresting to say the least.

I am actually enjoying this anime and also I like the story behind it. This anime has a new point of view that I haven’t seen yet. Okay so most animes like this always have one thing in common. Girls who feel like they are misplaced and left out, and or they like a guy who they will never have. I feel like this is one anime that people should give a try, and I know I say that a lot about all the animes I watch. Yet I have to believe that there is someone reading this, and then they will give it a shot.

Not all anime are exactly all the same and a lot of animes have things that make them different from the rest. Alright that is all for this review. Until my next blog/review keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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