Durarara!! (Review)

I did watch this anime recently and I wish that I would of watched it sooner, but I didn’t. This anime first aired in 2010, and would you look at that it’s first episode was released on January 7th. Well I couldn’t have planned this any better lol. In this anime you have mystery, thriller and of course a Dullahan. A Dullahan what you may be asking. Well this is the part where I tell you what a Dullahan is. According to legends and folklore in Ireland.

A Dullahan is said to be an angel of death and where ever it stops someone dies. The Dullahan for some mysterious reason is deathly scared of gold, but that is not the case for this anime. So now you know a little history and folklore I can better explain this anime. Unlike our friend from legends and folklore the Dullahan in the anime is quite friendly, and her name is Celty.

First we must meet one of our main characters, Ryūgamine Mikado. He then gets an invite from his childhood friend to move to Ikebukuro. Mikado then transfers school and then meets up with his childhood friend, Masaomi. When they meet up Masaomi warns him of a few people to not cross in the city. One of those people happens to be a blonde guy wearing a bartender’s outfit, and his rival an information broker. Mikado then become a witness to an urban legend.

Which happens to be our friend Celty, but in the city she is known as the Headless Rider. From that point on Ikebukuro will be pushed to the breaking point. Will it fall apart? Well in order to find out you will have to watch the anime. I give this anime a high recommendation so you need to go and watch it.Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.














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