Golden Time (Review #3)

Well it’s another day and so it’s time for another episode. So Banri and Koko share a special moment while on the run from a weird group. They then get found by the colleges festival club and are saved. Now there was a new development that has got me curious and hooked into this anime. I can only hope that you will watch it to find out exactly what I am talking, because it happens when Banri and Koko share a moment together.

Yana-san was worried about Banri and Koko after what he had heard what happened, and so he texted them both. Koko then sees Yana-san talking to another girl named Chinami. This then sets her off and she says some pretty nasty things to Chinami, but then Yana-san steps in and stops her.

There is a lot of things developing and I am trying to piece everything together as best as I can. Alright that is it for this review at least for today. Join me tomorrow for another review from this anime. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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