Golden Time (Review #6)

Okay I want to jump right into this as I have been waiting to see this episode. This anime really has me hooked, and yet again there is a new development and I think even bigger than the last was. So Koko and Banri had a fight and were both down the next day. Banri then had a fight with Linda-san and if you want to know more about her then you will have to watch the anime. Well things ended there so now they aren’t friends.

Linda blames herself for what happened to Banri she thinks the accident was her fault. After that happened Koko was waiting for Banri and she saw Linda come out first, but when Koko asked she wouldn’t say anything. Finally, Banri comes out and Koko asks him if something happened between Linda and he said yes.

He then started running away from her and then she borrowed a bike and caught up to him. That’s where a new development happens and things get interesting. Alright that is it for this episode. So be sure to come back tomorrow for another review. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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