Golden Time (Review #7)

At the very beginning we have Koko confess to Banri and then they start dating. Linda-senpai has been trying to get a hold of Banri for weeks now. Yet he refuses to answer her texts or calls and so Nana-san intervenes. We get to see Banri and Koko be a couple and honestly its quite cute and adorable, and not to mention funny on occasions.

They decide to go to Paris if ummm *spoiler* and some other un mentionable things. Banri is then forced to have a conversation with Linda-senpai to help clear the air. She then tells him that she only wants to support him as his senior. Linda-senpai also finds out how he found out about them.

She picked up the photograph that he had found in his yearbook, and then we get a call from Koko. She asked how the leak was and then said that Yana-san might be into some trouble. I wonder what could have happened. Hmmm things are getting very interesting. Alright that is it for this review come back tomorrow for another one. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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