Golden Time (Review #8)

So in the beginning of this episode we are getting some flashback to Banri past that he can’t remember, and of course Linda-senpai is there. So from the last episode Koko called Banri and told him that Yana-san was in trouble as he had left early for some reason. We then find out what he had said to Chinami-chan, and that was his reason for leaving early.

Before Banri arrives at Yana-san’s house he sees a girl trying to force her way into his house. He then calls Yana-san his boyfriend and saves him from the girl, because she tells them while running away that there is something wrong with them. Banri then notices how gloomy Yana-san is, and calls his friend 2-D explaining how he got that name will take to long. If you want to know then watch the anime.

Anyways he plans to do a cheer up party for him. The whole gang ends up at the amusement park. Chinami then shows and everything seems to work out in the end, but time will only tell. They then make a pac and to be there if one of them goes out to get drinks or something like that. Later Banri wakes up and texts Linda-senpai and then they talk some more.

He then says he wants to go back, and then he is confused. She tells him that he fell asleep for a minute and ends their conversation there. Okay so that is all for this review so make sure to join me tomorrow for a new review for this anime. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool guys and girls.


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