Durarara X2!! (Review)

Yet again we have a run in with the Dullahan and this is her and the rest of people in Ikebukuro continued story in this second season. This anime aired only just a year ago, and I watched it on Netflix. Do I find all my anime on Netflix? No I don’t. I just happened to see this anime on there and gave it a shot. So happy and thankful that I did, because it was good.

In this second season a half of a year has passed and after everything that happened with the Yellow Scarves. The city has become somewhat normal or at least as much as you can get for normal. When a lot of supernatural things happen in this city, and not to mention the Dullahan that they have in their backyard. All the kiddies are back in high school and cramming all that knowledge into their brains. Celty is still getting chased by police as she is the legendary Headless Rider.

We also get to see more of the blonde guy in a bartender outfit and his rival. As things are never settled between those two. Hardly think they ever will be, and to me it seems like one is fire and the other is ice. Not a good combination to mix or get involved with. Let alone touch. As I am sure some of you don’t want to become charcoaled something nor an ice cube.

Things are about to change in Ikebukuro, and then things will be back into chaos once again for this city. I really liked this anime and had a good time watching it. So this anime gets a high recommendation from me, and so go and check it out. Until my next blog post keep reading manga, and watching anime. Stay cool and don’t get burned guys and girls.


2 thoughts on “Durarara X2!! (Review)

    1. So when I watched the first season well I got busy and some things happened but I got through it and loved every minute! I have to agree that it is a great series. I haven’t heard of Baccano might have to look into that one lol.

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